Customize your market audience

If you sale baby wears, your target audience would be primarily moms aged between 25-35 years.

Yes, other people outside this bracket -dads, aunts, uncles and grandparents may want your product. Don’t make the mistake of making them all your target audience.

Make your audience the specific group who needs it. This way, your message is directly targeted to them and your effort to get their attention to buy would be more effective.

Here’s how to achieve this:

After you have identified your primary target audience, you should narrow down your target audience still using the Audience Insights tool in your Ads Manager page under Plan.

Click the Page Likes bar after typing your target interest say ‘grey suits’, you would see the pages that your selected audience likes. But don’t stop there.

Extract specific pages that are relevant to your audience. Here, you will find pages where all the likes are most relevant to your search. 

You can now use the information from this pages to create your ad. This would inform a brilliant ad creation that would be of much interest to your target audience. Find more about facebook ad on this link

On your product checkout page, add the gender of the audience you specifically wish to target.

If you have problems identifying your target audience’s demography, you can consult a data company to do that for you.

Based on information of your product, service or brand and your Audience Insight on Facebook, the company would give you a detailed demographic information of your target audience.

Capture the attention of your audience

Most people visit Facebook at their leisure hours. Some scroll through so fast to keep up with all updates and so would miss certain posts. You want your ad to catch the attention of your target audience and not be missed in the racing throughs.

Here’s how to go about that:

Make your logo, slogan, video or text match the message you want to deliver to your audience.

For instance, a picture of a male and female twin in the boy and girl version of your baby wears, shining the brightest smile ever and holding hands, would catch a mother’s eye than a picture of the line of clothing in your store or some taunting porn image from the blues.

Rather, to add viewing value to your ad, tell and show people the benefits of having your product or service.

Be constantly creative with the picture or slogan you use for your Facebook ads too. But don’t change them too soon nor too early either. Give a period of 1 week at least before you start making any necessary changes to your ad.

If your ad is getting expected clicks, come up with more creative ones too and change it. People tend to ignore or quickly scroll through certain ads they’ve seen too often. Or worse, hide them from their news feeds. So, renew your ads say monthly or fortnightly.

Be true:

Don’t make discounts or giveaways that are unrealistic or any that would compromise the intended goal of your business.

So,if you want to make money from training people on a particular skill set online, don’t give outrageous discounts beyond the scope of your training fee to, say for instance, first month respondents.

If the training would cost $120, it would be reasonable to give discounts of $20 rather than $100. If you choose the latter, you may get a mass of people responding at first.

But when you decide to balance the sheets and return to a profitable pricing, they may consider you a cheat and you would loose them

Categorize clicks from your Facebook ad

You need to know the number of sales that come from your Facebook ad in order to assess the success of your Facebook ad.
If you track your Facebook ad clicks using CRM, you need to categories responses from people that come from surveys, downloads of e-materials or discounted vouchers.

This way, you will be able to tell what category of people buy in and what category of people buy more into your product, brand or service.
Also, direct your prospective buyers to a landing page that says more about your product or service to heighten their reasons to buy form you.
Show them how your product or service works or present testimonials from satisfied users, rather than directing them to your company’s homepage which won’t tell much about your product or service until further clicks.

You don’t want to put your prospective buyers off while he/she is just almost at your door!
Finally, ensure your call to action is clear and precise. Make direct calls to action like ‘Click here to buy!’ or ‘Call us now!’
Make sure your direct phone lines are on your landing page and easily accessible. Many people would make phone contacts anyways, you want to make it easy for them to call in for purchase.

The key to improving your Facebook ad is to attract and engage your target audience in such a way that they just want to buy from you. You’ll achieve this if you narrow down your target audience to the group or class of people who need it most. And attract their attention genuinely and irresistibly.